Why go Super Natural?

Once you've experienced a freshly dyed head of hennaed hair, a rich dark hue of Indigo, you have been warned...you will never go back to synthetic, over-priced, over-the-top plastic wrapped products again. Henna hair dye will seduce your hair and it will never be the same again because it will add thickness by coating the hair follicle, giving you a depth of colour which adds dimension to your hair  and shine. Henna fades out gradually over time, and when you go to dye it again, it builds up on the hair follicle, creating a breathtaking natural looking richness of colour over time.


Despite the convenience of plastic commercial synthetic hair dyes,


henna has stood the test of time, as a phenomenal beauty treatment for Earth


Goddesses through-out time.


Our henna and Indigo dyes are tangibly rich and fresh, 100% natural, fair-


traded and will bring new life and colour to your hair.